cold yerba mate

How to Make Cold Brewed Yerba Mate Tea

by David Askaripour on Oct 14,2015 in cold yerba mate

Icy-cold and insanely refreshing, cold brewing yerba mate is quickly becoming one of my favorite ways to prepare yerba mate. Over the years we’ve discussed myriad ways to prepare mate, whether it’s with a french press, tea pot, infuser, and my earlier methods for making yerba mate iced tea, or continuing the tradition of the […]

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How to Make Cold Brewed Yerba Mate

by David Askaripour on May 07,2015 in cold yerba mate

Who doesn’t like iced tea? It’s the perfect summer drink. Cold. Sweet. And super refreshing. Can’t beat that… Today let’s bump up your typical, boring iced tea powder to the next level. Move over Lipton. Step aside Snapple. Watch out Arizona. Circle of Drink’s Lemon (matefrio) Iced Tea is a game changer. This won’t be […]

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How to Brew Yerba Mate Ice Tea (Tereré)

by David Askaripour on Aug 15,2013 in cold yerba mate

Yerba mate ice tea is the national beverage of Paraguay. Yes, Argentina, Uruguay, and Brazil (Southern), have also made it their national beverage of choice. (See how great this plant is?) However, Paraguay is the reigning champ when it comes to tereré, or what we’d simply call cold yerba mate. Paraguay is the Tony Soprano […]

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