Fight Obesity with Yerba Mate Tea

by Joe Riccardi on Oct 16,2017 in Health

What Exactly Is Obesity? No matter where you are in the world, you’ve probably heard the term ‘obese’ or ‘overweight’ tossed around in a conversation. It’s not hard to understand why, living in a world with over 2 billion people classified as overweight. That’s right, nearly 30% of the global population is either obese or […]

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New Saponins Discovered in Yerba Mate Tea

by David Askaripour on Oct 03,2017 in Health

Foamy, frothy bubbles atop our yerba mate gourds and mugs. Yes, every passionate yerba mate drinker has seen them. Cappuccinos and lattes may have their cream, but our mates have saponins! These intriguing and somewhat mysterious compounds are present every time the mate bubbles appear. And soon, we’ll learn that they may actually indicate how […]

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Yerba Mate Tea and Diabetes

by Hannah A Lochner on Jun 27,2016 in Health

With the increasing prevalence of diabetes in our society, many products are being marketed as somehow stopping, reversing or helping diabetes. I find myself walking around supermarkets taking photos of products that can “reverse my diabetes”, because if there is one fact any diabetic has to come to terms with, is that diabetes does not […]

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Yerba Mate Tea vs Rooibos Tea

by David Askaripour on Dec 02,2015 in Health

One hails from South America and another from South Africa, but both of their health benefits and growing popularity point North. Exclusively grown in Argentina, Brazil, and Paraguay, yerba mate (Ilex paraguariensis), pronounced “yer-BAH mah-TAY”, is the National Drink across the region, where at least 90% of the population drinks this holly plant daily. Focused […]

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3 Insanely Powerful Green Herbs to Heal the Body

by David Askaripour on Jul 04,2015 in Health

Chlorophyll is responsible for the green color of plants. With sufficient light, plants rely on chlorophyll to produce food. Humans are also able to leverage the power of this verdant compound, helping us to detoxify the body and protect the heart. But just because a plant is green, it doesn’t mean it’s a powerful contender […]

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How much yerba mate should I drink?

by David Askaripour on Jan 20,2015 in Health

“How much yerba mate should I drink” is the question of the neophyte mate drinker. A plant with such a long list of health benefits, social benefits, and all sorts of magic surrounding it, must rightfully pique your caution. Indeed. So I’ve put together a short video discussing my thoughts on how much mate you […]

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Psychological Effects of Yerba Mate

by David Askaripour on Jan 08,2015 in Health

For years I’ve lauded many physical and psychological effects of yerba mate yerba in videos such as these and these (and these). We’ve discussed how yerba mate acts as an adaptogenic herb, helping to restore the body to optimal functioning. Then there was our research showing the differences between yerba mate and coffee and yerba […]

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Yerba Mate vs Coffee

by David Askaripour on Dec 02,2014 in Health

Perhaps you’re thinking about replacing coffee with yerba mate. So you’re now wondering, what’s the difference between yerba mate caffeine and coffee caffeine? Good question. And it may surprise you that caffeine apparently has different effects, depending on the plant it’s contained within. Today, we’ll shed some light on the “Yerba Mate vs Coffee” debate. […]

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Is it Safe to Drink Yerba Mate During Pregnancy?

by David Askaripour on Jul 16,2014 in Health

Many women have concerns about drinking yerba mate tea during their pregnancy. I’ve compiled some research and cultural facts to help provide the best information on the topic, allowing you to decide for yourself, whether yerba mate is safe to consume during pregnancy. What is Yerba Mate? Yerba Mate (pronounced YER-bah MAH-tay) is an herb […]

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If You Eat Shitty Food, Drink Yerba Mate Tea

by David Askaripour on May 30,2014 in Health

Most people eat like shit! That’s just the simple truth. We live in a nation where cardiovascular disease, cancer, and diabetes account for the top killers. Undoubtedly, the root of these fatal diseases lies in food. What we put in our bodies. We’ve ignored such a simple biological tenant: if you eat garbage, you feel […]

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Adaptogenic Herbs Explained — Reduce Stress and Fight Disease

by David Askaripour on Mar 18,2014 in Health

I don’t believe in panaceas. One single herb that you consume and BAM!, instantaneous health! But from what I’ve learned about adaptogenic herbs, they surely come close to cure-alls. What are Adaptogenic Herbs? These herbs, usually called Adaptogens (also known as Superior Herbs and Rasayanas), have a long history of health, dating back to 3000 […]

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Yerba Mate and Cancer

by David Askaripour on Sep 06,2013 in Health

Does yerba mate cause cancer? Scientifically, there has never been a study that showed yerba mate to conclusively cause cancer. That’s the simple answer. No one has ever shown yerba mate to cause cancer. However, there is a growing body of research that takes a deeper looking into the mate and cancer situation. As you’ll […]

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Green Tea vs Yerba Mate

by David Askaripour on Aug 22,2013 in Health

We all know of green tea. It’s been called the Elixir of Life and has been hailed as a powerful medicinal herb for thousands of years. It’s good stuff. There’s no doubt about that. And when you compare it to the highly acidic and toxic coffee, it’s a no-brainer that green tea is the healthier […]

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The Best Natural Alternative to Adderall

by David Askaripour on Aug 06,2013 in Health

Crack that book! Write those notes! Comprehend as much information as possible! Let’s be real: college isn’t easy and studying can disheartening as fuck! But you know what? It’s gotta be done. No studying means no excelling. And you’re in college to excel as much as you party. We’ve already spoken about how yerba mate […]

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Natural Ways to Cure Fatigue and Tiredness

by David Askaripour on Aug 02,2013 in Health

Beep!…Beep!… Beep!… It’s 7AM and the darn alarm is assaulting you like a bat smashing a wall over…and over… and over… Tired. But feeling warm and cozy, in that perfect position, spread out like butter on toast. You can melt away. After hitting snooze a few times—hopscotching through micro-dreams about your ex-girlfriend and blue dogs— […]

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Best Way to Stop Drinking Coffee

by David Askaripour on Jul 03,2013 in Health

Here’s an easy way to substitute your coffee with a safe alternative So you want to stop drinking coffee? You’ve been seeking a healthy coffee substitute? You’ve learned the hard way how coffee makes you feel burned out? You’re tired of the crashing, jittery, jarring effects of coffee? Good for you. Like you, I’ve been […]

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