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The State of Yerba Mate Address – 2014

by David Askaripour on Apr 22,2015 in News & Happenings

2014 has been a great year for yerba mate. With a cover story in Fresh Cup Magazine, a record-breaking year of Argentine exports, and continued global awareness, yerba mate is finally starting to gain the attention it deserves. Below is a video of our yearly State of Yerba Mate Address. Further down, we’ve included a […]

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Hurray to Exchanging bitcoins for Yerba Mate!

by David Askaripour on Aug 05,2014 in News & Happenings

Circle of Drink Becomes First Yerba Mate Company to Accept bitcoins Today, we are happy to announce that Circle of Drink will now accept bitcoins as a form of payment. As technologies evolve, so do our financial services. bitcoins (“Bitcoins” is the name for the entire system) is a new form of digital currency, started […]

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Yerba Mate Radio Talk in Buenos Aires

by David Askaripour on Jan 10,2012 in News & Happenings

Yesterday I was graciously invited to give an impromptu talk about mate, here in Buenos Aires, for a local radio station called The Typical Mistake. It went really well. I spoke about everything from mate history to mate as a symbol, more than a drink. I also got to speak about my — could you […]

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Guayaki and the State of Mate in North America

by David Askaripour on Nov 19,2011 in News & Happenings

Being a “serious” (sincere) mate drinker, as of two-years now, I’m open to drinking all sorts of mate — my palate has tasted all of the top brands of Argentina — Rosamonte, Taragui, CBSé, Amanda, La Tranquera, La Merced, Union Suave, Cruz De Malta, Kraus, and various smaller, lesser known brands — as well as […]

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Argentina Bakery PACKED FULL of Yerba Mate

by David Askaripour on Jun 27,2011 in News & Happenings

Yesterday I visited a typical Argentine bakery to get some “facturas”, or what the Argentines refer to as pastries and cookies that go along well with mate. Typically, these little “tiendas” here in Argentina are FULLY stocked with all sorts of yerba mate. The people are usually very warm and friendly and the atmosphere is […]

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