Introduction to Chimarrão, Brazilian Yerba Mate

by David Askaripour on Feb 13,2015 in Videos

What is Chimarrão Brazilian Yerba Mate? Chim-A-What…? Yeah, I know. That was my reaction the first time I heard about Brazilian yerba mate. It’s pronounced “sheem-a-HOE” and sometimes spelled without the tilde mark as chimarrao. Basically, chimarrão is the term for traditional yerba mate from Brazil. Less formally, it’s synonymous with erva mate (pronounced “erva-MATCH”, […]

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How to Care For Your Wooden Yerba Mate Cup

by David Askaripour on Jul 14,2014 in Videos

It’s the mate drinker’s greatest friend. The vessel we come back to over and over again. The wooden, metal, or squash cup. The home of the yerba mate. It’s our mate cup! Or better known as, the yerba mate gourd. You’ve probably already heard about curing a mate gourd. Most gourds will need to be […]

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Adaptogenic Herbs Explained — Reduce Stress and Fight Disease

by David Askaripour on Mar 18,2014 in Videos

I don’t believe in panaceas. One single herb that you consume and BAM!, instantaneous health! But from what I’ve learned about adaptogenic herbs, they surely come close to cure-alls. What are Adaptogenic Herbs? These herbs, usually called Adaptogens (also known as Superior Herbs and Rasayanas), have a long history of health, dating back to 3000 […]

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The Official Yerba Mate Buying Guide

by Matero Erik on Jan 11,2014 in Videos

Welcome to The Official Yerba Mate Buying Guide, where you’ll easily learn everything you need to buy yerba mate and start drinking like a True Mate Drinker, also known as a Matero (pronounced MAH-ter-ROW). Maybe you’ve just heard about Yerba Mate, maybe you’re still asking “what is yerba mate?,” or maybe you have had some […]

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Guayaki, Longboarding, & NYC

by Matéo on Sep 21,2012 in Videos

Yesterday was one of the best “Mate” days that I have ever experienced, and you KNOW that I’ve experienced a lot of Mate days. I was given the honor of having an amazing circle with two guys from Guayaki, in Brooklyn. We literally spoke, laughed, and drank Mate for HOURS! With a small breakfast, only […]

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The Art of Yerba Mate Bombillas

by David Askaripour on Jul 01,2012 in Videos

Bombilla, pronounced “Bom-Bee-Sha,” the word literally means “straw” in Castellano. Without the bombilla, there’s no drinking mate. It’s an essential tool when drinking yerba traditionally out of a mate (gourd). Unless you’re drinking mate cocido, bagged mate, then forget about making mate without your bombilla. With bombilla styles, you have a few options: fanned, coiled, […]

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Yerba Mate Types Explained

by David Askaripour on Jun 19,2012 in Videos

Yerba Mate Regional Cuts Here is a rundown on the various regional yerba mate cuts. The “cut” of the yerba is the composition of the leaves, twigs, and powder. The main regional cuts are: Argentine, Paraguayan, and Gaucho. Argentine Cut Paraguayan Cut Gaucho Cut Super Gaucho Cut

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Yerba Mate in 2.5 Minutes

by Matéo on Mar 24,2012 in Videos

Quick & dirty run down of Yerba Mate in 2.5 minutes. Drink on!    

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Cruz De Malta Mate Review with MDO

by Matéo on Feb 03,2011 in Videos

AMANDA. AMANDA. AMANDA. Amanda Yerba Mate has been the only mate that I’ve been drinking for the past couple of months. While I love its rich and bitter taste, I also wanted to expand my taste for mates. I took some famous, Cruz De Malta, out of my cupboard, and got down to trying it […]

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Mate: The Chill Drink

by Matéo on Feb 03,2011 in Videos

I LOVE MATE, and it is because of this that I respect and appreciate all that it does for me, and for others. While mate has recently become a large part of my life, there are times when I prefer a nice cup of tea. Due to the fact that mate causes me to chill […]

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Mate Circle: Mate All Day

by Matéo on Jan 31,2011 in Videos

Mate is commonly referred to as “The Drink of Friendship” for a reason. Its “power” goes beyond its ability to increase your health and awareness, and even extends to strengthening the bond between you and those who you sit down and share a with. I first experienced mate by myself, and felt as if I […]

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MDO’s First Mate Experience

by Matéo on Jan 30,2011 in Videos

Does it get you high? is the first question that many people ask me when I talk to them about mate. The second question is usually, Can I have some? This video deals with the latter question, during which I introduced my friend, MDO, to the wonderful drink that is mate. Regardless of what people, […]

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