I want to drink every brand of YERBA MATE in the WORLD!

Dear Yerba Mate Companies,

We here at Circle of Drink are dedicated to drinking, and promoting, a variety of Yerba Mate from all around the world. We know that many people have many different preferences for Mate, and we aim to continuously review, and re-review, different brands of Yerba Mate in order to educate others on the drink, and give them an idea of the different tastes that they may prefer. For example, one of Circle of Drink’s co-founders,Matthew A skaripour, has always loved his “Armago,” while some people prefer their Mate to be “Dulce.”

Upon receiving Yerba Mate samples, and usually a company’s signature gourd and bombilla, we drink the Mate for a few days before giving it an official video review. We do this because we want to understand the Mate—its flavors, undertones, body, cut, and how the taste may change over time. In addition to this we frequently host “Mate Circles” — and international Yerba Mate Workshops (coming soon) to learn about mate history, tastes, culture, etc.. — where we introduce a company’s Mate to a group of people who have never experienced Mate before. These circles have proven to be extremely effective in educating others about the drink, exposing people to different brands of Yerba Mate, and allowing others to experience the bond that one has with others while drinking the Drink of the Gods.

This is what we do here at Circle of Drink. We review mate and aim to continue to spread this drink to an American audience. So far, we have reviewed the following companies:
Guayaki (Barbacua Mate Blend)

Rosamonte( and gourd history)
Mate Factor

Aviva (Coming soon)
Cruz de Malta
CBSé (Mint)
La Merced (Barbacua)
La Tranquera
Union (Coming soon)

Mate Circles
MDOs First Mate Experience
Mate Circle: Mate All Day
Sex and Mate
Army Chef in Afghanistan Drinking Yerba Mate
Bamboo Path Mate Circle

Mate Tutorials

Mate, the friendly drink
New Mate Gourd and Bombilla
How to prepare Yerba Mate

Mate: The Chill Drink

We are always looking to review more brands of Yerba Mate, and share the drink with others. If you would like us to review your Yerba Mate, please e-mail Matt@circleofdrink.com If you would like to receive information on how to host your own Mate Circle, please e-mail Matt@circleofdrink.com as well.

Drink on!

Matt & Dave

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