Ascend 2 Galaxy

Malty Brazilian mate and fruity Paraguayan mate make for an intriguing combo that won't disappoint.

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Ascend 2 Galaxy
Ascend 2 Galaxy
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Ascend 2 Galaxy

Scale new heights with our Ascend 2 Galaxy Combo.

Ascend 2 Galaxy Yerba Mate Combo

Save over 10% with this combo.

 You’ll receive 3, 16 oz bags Ascension and 2, 16 oz bags of Galaxy

  • Galaxy: Classical “Gaucho” variety. Malty and rich Brazilian mate blended with organic Paraguayan mate for a little fruitiness to balance the muscular terroir of Brazilian soil. Coffee lovers will appreciate the boldness.
  • Ascension: Classical Paraguayan blend. A hybrid cut with plenty of powder and small stems with a moderate amount of ground leaves. Experience an intense palate of flavors, ranging from sour cherries to finely aged tobacco. Excellent hot or cold. 100% organic.


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