Quantum Chalice

Rediscover the joy of drinking yerba mate. The Chalice is a timeless gourd, handcrafted from Jamaican Spanish Cedar.
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Quantum Chalice
Quantum Chalice
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Quantum Chalice

Rediscover the joy of drinking yerba mate, the traditional way.

Our Quantum Chalice was sculpted from the finest Cedar wood, sustainably harvested in the hills of Jamaica. Designed to hold a substantial amount of mate without sacrificing weight, our Quantum Cup is light and easy to maintain. The Cedar gently imparts a natural flavor to the yerba, helping to smoothen the flavors. Each gourd was individually designed, making your gourd one of a kind.

Perfect for long days of individual use or large mate circles of 4 or more Materos.

Product Dimensions

  • height: 6 inches
  • weight: 10–12.5 oz
  • capacity (dry yerba mate, 3/4s full): 75 grams (2.65 oz)


Caring for your Mate Gourd

Your gourd comes pre-cured and ready to use immediately. Apply thin layer of natural oil (olive, coconut, flax) once every 2–4 weeks to maintain shine and protection (inside and outside of gourd). When not it use, allow gourd to fully dry with no mate inside. If you ever have an issue with your gourd, we’ll gladly replace it.





*natural grain design, curvature of edges, and size may vary slightly.

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  1. 5 out of 5

    (verified owner)

    This is the best gourd i have,add good flavor to yerba,I have palo santo gourd is good to the yerba mate but is too fragile so quantum is better, thanks Dave

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