Night Walker Roasted Yerba Mate Tea by ©Circle of Drink
Night Walker
Price: $12.49 1.76 oz
Ascension Organic Paraguayan Yerba Mate Tea
Price: $6.49 16 oz
Mission Organic Yerba Mate Tea by
Price: $9.49 16 oz
Apple Crisp Roasted Organic Yerba Mate Tea
Apple Crisp
Price: $12.49 1.76 oz

Ginkgo Yerba Mate Tea
Price: $9.49 oz
Organic Chocolate Roasted Yerba Mate Tea
Chocolate Roasted
Price: $9.79 1.76 oz
Lucho Pure Alpaca Stainless Yerba Mate Bombilla ©circle of drink inc. 2016
Lucho (Pure Alpaca)
Price: $59 oz
Lignam Original Wooden Yerba Mate Gourd ©Circle of Drink Inc. 2016
Lignam Original
Price: $79.00 15 oz

Simone Alpaca Spoon Yerba Mate Bombilla ©Circle of Drink Inc.
Simone Bombilla (round)
Price: $19.00 1.20 oz
Stanton Leather Yerba Mate Gourd
Stanton Original
Price: $54.00 7 oz
Simone Stainless Spoon Yerba Mate Bombilla ©Circle of Drink Inc. 2016
Simone Bombilla (flat)
Price: $24.00 1.20 oz
Bronston Cup Original Yerba Mate Gourd
Bronston Original
Price: $59.00 8 oz

Belgrano Stainless Steel Yerba Mate Bombilla
Price: $29.00 1.85 oz
Bombilla Brush - Tools to clean your yerba mate bombilla
Bombilla Brush
Price: $3.99 1 oz
Worthington Stainless Steel and Bronze Yerba Mate Bombilla
Price: $36.00 1.25 oz
Palermo Alpaca Yebra Mate Bombilla - Handcrafted
Price: $39.00 1.25 oz

Empire Stainless Steel Yerba Mate Bombilla
Price: $24.00 1.25 oz
Cordoba Stainless Steel Bombilla
Price: $24.00 1.25 oz
Royal Nectar Yerba Mate Tea
Royal Nectar
Price: $9.49 oz
Vidrio Original Yerba Mate Kit
Vidrio Original Kit
Price: $61.49 oz

Classic Yerba Mate Bags Combo - Try all three flavors
Classic matebags
Price: $19.00 6 oz
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