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Yerba Mate in 2.5 Minutes

Quick & dirty run down of Yerba Mate in 2.5 minutes. Drink on!    

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Yerba Mate NYC

Yerba Mate NYC: The Social Catalyst

My friend Milton, and his roommate Casey, both lost their mateginity a few days ago. They described their experience as “enlightening,” and Milton claimed that Mate is a “social catalyst.” Both are very true, and I was happy to hear my friends come to this conclusion about a drink they had only recently been acquainted […]

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Why do I drink Mate?

“What is this ‘magical’ drink that you talk about all of the time, Matt?” “Does it get you…high?” “Is it healthy for you?” “I heard that this is linked to cancer, I don’t want cancer!” These are just a few of the various questions that people ask me daily about Yerba Mate. I always feel […]

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