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Pop Your Mate Cherry

Pop Your Mate Cherry

Matt from Circle of Drink hosted a fun and educational mate circle last weekend with new mate drinkers from Long Island, New York. It was simple, fresh, enlightening, and, as always, magical. I popped my head in for a second to explain some of the origins and history of yerba mate, but for the most […]

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Wooden yerba mate gourds with aluminum case

Selecting A Yerba Mate Gourd

Like most mate drinkers, I started out with a typical mate gourd made from the hollowed and dried end of a calabash squash. These gourds appear to be the most traditional way of drinking mate and for well over a year I stuck with them, mainly because I didn’t know of any other options. From […]

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Guayaki and the State of Mate in North America - 2011

Guayaki and the State of Mate in North America – 2011

Being a “serious” (sincere) mate drinker, as of two-years now, I’m open to drinking all sorts of mate — my palate has tasted all of the top brands of Argentina — Rosamonte, Taragui, CBSé, Amanda, La Tranquera, La Merced, Union Suave, Cruz De Malta, Kraus, and various smaller, lesser known brands — as well as […]

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