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Jesper Yerba Mate

The Palo Monster: Jesper Mate

Jesper — 3.00 of 5 palos — reviewed 1/22/2012 Type: Traditional, Red Bag. Region: Misiones, Argentina. Infusiones Naturales. Description I call this mate “The Palo Monster.” It’s loaded with palos; possibly the most I’ve ever seen. One of the lightest mates I’ve ever drunk, it’s extremely easy on the palate. Loose leaf green tea brewed […]

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Union Suave Yerba Mate Review - by Circle of Drink

Unión Suave Yerba Mate Review

Unión Suave — 2.60 of 5 palos — latest review on 1/17/12 Type: Original Region: Corrientes, Argentina. Establecimiento Las Marias. Description: Establecimiento Las Marias are also the producers of La Merced, Mañanita, Caá Porá, and Taragüi mate. They are the largest producers of mate in the world. This mate, Unión, is quite smooth, but opens […]

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God Adam Mate

Yerba Mate is the HEALTHIEST DRINK in the WORLD!

Yerba Mate: Practically all of the vitamins necessary to sustain life This isn’t a chemistry lesson, and I’m not someone with a scientific background (bear with me!), but I’m going to do my best to explain several chemicals, compounds, molecules, and vitamins that are key to Yerba Mate’s chemical composition, which makes it one of […]

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nobleza gaucha mate review

Nobleza Gaucha Mate Review (blue bag)

Nobleza Gaucha — 3.10 of 5 palos — reviewed 1/16/2012 Type: Blue Bag, Aged 18 months Region: Misiones, Argentina. Molinos Río de la Plata Description: Nobleza Gaucha is a true traditional mate of Argentina. Tastes very similar to Guayakí Traditional Mate, but with more body and zest. Extremely smooth mate, like butter. Nothing really stands […]

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Expand Energy Cup - Stainless Steel Yerba Mate Cup

Reflections of Mate

Mate isn’t a drink… Okay, fine. It’s a liquid that you put in your mouth. But it’s not a drink. In this country [Argentina] nobody drinks mate when they’re thirsty. It’s more of a habit, like itching. Mate is the exact opposite of television: it makes you want to speak with someone, and makes you […]

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yerba mate radio

Yerba Mate Radio Talk in Buenos Aires

Yesterday I was graciously invited to give an impromptu talk about mate, here in Buenos Aires, for a local radio station called The Typical Mistake. It went really well. I spoke about everything from mate history to mate as a symbol, more than a drink. I also got to speak about my — could you […]

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