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Yerba Mate Types Explained

Yerba Mate Regional Cuts Here is a rundown on the various regional yerba mate cuts. The “cut” of the yerba is the composition of the leaves, twigs, and powder. The main regional cuts are: Argentine, Paraguayan, and Gaucho. Argentine Cut Paraguayan Cut Gaucho Cut Super Gaucho Cut

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Fresh Look into the Pharmacological and Social Benefits of Yerba Mate

Some of the Main Health Benefits of Yerba Mate Lowers High Blood Pressure Relaxes and Soothes Nervous System Decreases Bad Cholesterol Anti-Inflammatory Anti-mutagenic Antioxidant properties Improves Immune System Combats Colon Cancer Social and Metaphysical Benefits of Yerba Mate Friendship Conductor Relieves Stress Improves Brain Functioning Induces “Creative Clarity” Makes you Want to Share and be […]

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Aviva Wild Harvest Yerba Mate Review

I got the chance to review so of Aviva’s Wild Harvest Yerba. Please watch the video and see what this mate’s all about.

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Breathe Before You Rush: How Mate is More Than a Drink

In order for me to elaborate on the topic of why Yerba Mate is so necessary today, I need to first introduce you to two people: Charles and Brad. Charles is a 34-year-old man working at the financial services firm, Goldman Sachs, as an Executive Director of Private Wealth Management. He lives on the Upper […]

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