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yerba mate takes the throne

The Queen Outlawed Mate

Yerba mate was illegal in London. Published in the 1882 Tropical Agriculturist, we hear the plea of Anglo Porteno, writing to the Editor of the British Trade Journal, fighting for the right to resume drinking mate in London. “It is, in time, a most greatful, and, beyond all question, a most healthy and invigorating beverage,” […]

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Guayaki, Longboarding, & NYC video thumbnail

Guayaki, Longboarding, & NYC

Yesterday was one of the best “Mate” days that I have ever experienced, and you KNOW that I’ve experienced a lot of Mate days. I was given the honor of having an amazing circle with two guys from Guayaki, in Brooklyn. We literally spoke, laughed, and drank Mate for HOURS! With a small breakfast, only […]

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la rubia organic yerba mate

La Rubia

La Rubia — 4 of 5 palos Type: Organic / Aged 2 years / Con palos Region: Obligado, Paraguay Company: Eugen Junghanns Gourd Used: Wooden Reviewed: 9/6/2012 Description This Paraguayan yerba has been aged for two years. It has that typical steady, sour backbone found in yerbas from Paraguay. It’s similar to Palo Alto (PA) […]

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