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The Server Remains Low

As the server, never lose your purity of heart. Your vibrations must be of such a high frequency, that you pick everyone up off their feet. Which is also to say, you must remain the lowest, most meek, humble servant. Only in service to others can you rise as the steam does each gourd. Only […]

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Drinking Mate While Driving

Drinking and driving is bad. But what about our beloved mate? We can’t stop drinking this holy herb because we’re in a car. No sir! What sort of car ride would that be. A pretty boring one for a Matero. It doesn’t matter where I’m going, if I need to drive somewhere, mate is usually […]

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How to Use the Mate Bombilla

In this video on bombilla hemisphere switching, I show you how to use your bombilla while drinking yerba mate. The main idea is to keep your waterhole clear and to always maintain your mountain of mate. Pull out your bombilla from New York and place it directly in Argentina, then remold your new mountain of […]

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