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Unplugging the Mate

There are many reasons to unplug the bombilla from the mate, either partially or fully. The server needs to constantly maintain space around the bombilla, while preserving the precious mountain of mate. At times, it’ll be necessary to totally remove the bombilla after taking a few hard slurps, then replace it in an superior position. […]

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Flooding the Mate

When you flood the mate, you add water over your mountain of mate and immerse all of the yerba. This is an alternative to bombilla hemisphere switching and, if done properly and at the right time, can be just as effective in prolonging the cycle length of your mate.

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Simple Way to Prepare Mate

Below is a simple way how to prepare yerba mate.

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yerba mate helps reading

Yerba Mate Improves Ability to Read

Do you want to know what I love to do all the time? Read. I eat books like food. I come from a family of avid, relentless, uncompromising readers. My Grandmother was an English teacher. My Grandfather was a Politician, Deacon, history buff, and Farmer that spent countless hours with his head glued to words. […]

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