Archive | March, 2013

Preparing Yerba Mate with a Teapot

I’ve always been a simple gourd and yerba Matero: preparing mate the most traditional way, with either a calabash or wooden mate gourd and bombilla. But with old traditions come new traditions. Mate is expanding and it’s no longer necessary to limit yourself to the gourd. In South America, the gourd is still the mainstay. […]

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From Beers to Gourds

Alcohol used to be my brother. Now it’s my third cousin. Something strange happened over the past few years since starting to drink yerba mate: I’ve drastically reduced my alcoholic intake. I still drink—even get drunk from time to time, but nothing like before. It wasn’t intentional. It just happened. The more mate I begun […]

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Adding Sugar to Yerba Mate

New Mate drinkers often wonder whether it’s okay to add sugar or other sweeteners in their Mate or not? The simple answer is: sure! It’s your Mate; add whatever you want. If you like sweet flavors, then sweeten your gourd till you’re content. No problema! But is it healthy? That’s another question, entirely. It’s common […]

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