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Green Tea vs Yerba Mate

We all know of green tea. It’s been called the Elixir of Life and has been hailed as a powerful medicinal herb for thousands of years. It’s good stuff. There’s no doubt about that. And when you compare it to the highly acidic and toxic coffee, it’s a no-brainer that green tea is the healthier […]

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How to Brew Yerba Mate Ice Tea (Tereré)

Yerba mate ice tea is the national beverage of Paraguay. Yes, Argentina, Uruguay, and Brazil (Southern), have also made it their national beverage of choice. (See how great this plant is?) However, Paraguay is the reigning champ when it comes to tereré, or what we’d simply call cold yerba mate. Paraguay is the Tony Soprano […]

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Mold in Yerba Mate Gourd? Here’s How to Save it.

Green, furry, and slimly. Could it be a slug? Some little critter on your lawn? Or nasty soup your mom just plopped down on the table. Yum…But in our case, unfortunately, it’s mold growing in our favorite drinking vessel: the yerba mate gourd. DAMNIT!! No bueno. But chill. I got you! Ways for dealing with […]

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The Best Natural Alternative to Adderall

Crack that book! Write those notes! Comprehend as much information as possible! Let’s be real: college isn’t easy and studying can disheartening as fuck! But you know what? It’s gotta be done. No studying means no excelling. And you’re in college to excel as much as you party. We’ve already spoken about how yerba mate […]

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Natural Ways to Cure Fatigue and Tiredness

Beep!…Beep!… Beep!… It’s 7AM and the darn alarm is assaulting you like a bat smashing a wall over…and over… and over… Tired. But feeling warm and cozy, in that perfect position, spread out like butter on toast. You can melt away. After hitting snooze a few times—hopscotching through micro-dreams about your ex-girlfriend and blue dogs— […]

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