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Different Types of Yerba Mate Tea

Types of Yerba Mate Tea Explained

“It’s the next big thing!” we’ve heard for years. For half a decade I’ve been part preacher and part entrepreneur, extolling its magical benefits. Through our online store, we’ve sold thousands of pounds. People from 20 some odd countries have shared their excitement for this obscure South American treasure. But the fact of the matter […]

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chimarrao brazilian yerba mate

Introduction to Chimarrão, Brazilian Yerba Mate

What is Chimarrão Brazilian Yerba Mate? Chim-A-What…? Yeah, I know. That was my reaction the first time I heard about Brazilian yerba mate. It’s pronounced “sheem-a-HOE” and sometimes spelled without the tilde mark as chimarrao. Basically, chimarrão is the term for traditional yerba mate from Brazil. Less formally, it’s synonymous with erva mate (pronounced “erva-MATCH”, […]

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