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Zesty Herbs for Blending with Yerba Mate

Yerba Mate Too Bitter? Try Adding these Zesty Herbs

“I want to love yerba mate but it’s too bitter, what do I do?” Someone recently asked me that and it’s true, yerba mate is naturally bitter. Personally, I love the bitterness. It’s not just “bitter,” but also sweet, complex, and infused with all sorts of subtle tastes, aromas, textures, and profiles. But we aren’t […]

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You Don't Have to Cure your Yerba Mate Gourd

You Don’t Have to Cure your Yerba Mate Gourd

The yerba mate gourd is the most traditional way of experiencing yerba mate. Oh man, I remember it like it was yesterday. My friend in Argentina pulled out a calabash gourd from his pantry and said “Here you go, Dave. Here’s your first gourd.” What an honor. Over seven years later, I’m still sipping mate […]

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