Here’s How to Make Friends in Buenos Aires

The Paris of South America has been affectionately attributed to Buenos Aires, the capital city of Argentina. And after a few days there, you’ll begin to see how truly beautiful and mesmerizing Argentina can be. With a predominance of second and third generation Italian and Read More

The Official Yerba Mate Buying Guide

Welcome to The Official Yerba Mate Buying Guide, where you’ll easily learn everything you need to buy yerba mate and start drinking like a True Mate Drinker, also known as a Matero (pronounced MAH-ter-ROW). Maybe you’ve just heard about Yerba Mate, maybe you’re still asking Read More

Yerba Mate Latte Recipe

Ready for a yerba mate latte recipe? Making a delicious yerba mate latte is super fun and tasty. Yerba mate is such a versatile herb. You can prepare it so many ways, as we’ve demonstrated before: french press, teapot, infuser, gourd, and more. Today, let’s Read More

How to Brew Yerba Mate Ice Tea (Tereré)

Learning how to brew yerba mate ice tea is easy. Add loose-leaf yerba mate to a french press or teapot with a strainer, add cold water, and allow to cold brew for 15 minutes. You can also hot brew the mate first, then allow to Read More

Mold in Yerba Mate Gourd? Here’s How to Save it.

The best way to remove mold from your yerba mate gourd is to allow it to fully dry. Mold cannot survive without moisture. Place your gourd is the sun for a few hours or allow it to dry on a counter near an open window. Read More

Caring for Your Calabash Mate Gourd

The calabash! Nothing else like it. It’s the most traditional way of drinking yerba mate. For thousands of years the ancient tribes of Paraguay, the Guaraní, have been using the hollowed and dried squash plant as a vessel for mate. It’s the original yerba mate Read More

Preparing Yerba Mate with a Teapot

I’ve always been a simple gourd and yerba Matero: preparing mate the most traditional way, with either a calabash or wooden mate gourd and bombilla. But with old traditions come new traditions. Mate is expanding and it’s no longer necessary to limit yourself to the Read More

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