Tradition & History

The History of Yerba Mate Tea (1500–2000s)

by David Askaripour on Jul 06,2015 in Tradition & History

The history of yerba mate tea is quite circuitous, reaching great heights of commercial expansion and sharply plummeting to total industry collapse. Below, I’ve highlighted the major events of mate’s development from the 1500s when Europeans discovered the Guaraní Tribe of Paraná consuming mate, to the 2000s where mate has found footing in the global […]

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Mate Transmission

by David Askaripour on May 26,2013 in Tradition & History

The computer uses transistors to amplify and share electronic signals. The brain uses neurotransmitters to pass information between neurons, making up the nervous system. In like ways, with Mate, we grow our Circle with Mate Transmission. When a new Matero is born, he becomes activated into the Circle. He has received Mate Transmission from a […]

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The Queen Outlawed Mate

by David Askaripour on Sep 26,2012 in Tradition & History

Yerba mate was illegal in London. Published in the 1882 Tropical Agriculturist, we hear the plea of Anglo Porteno, writing to the Editor of the British Trade Journal, fighting for the right to resume drinking mate in London. “It is, in time, a most greatful, and, beyond all question, a most healthy and invigorating beverage,” […]

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Yerba Mate Types Explained

by David Askaripour on Jun 19,2012 in Tradition & History

Yerba Mate Regional Cuts Here is a rundown on the various regional yerba mate cuts. The “cut” of the yerba is the composition of the leaves, twigs, and powder. The main regional cuts are: Argentine, Paraguayan, and Gaucho. Argentine Cut Paraguayan Cut Gaucho Cut Super Gaucho Cut

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How Poland got its hands on Yerba Mate

by Matéo on Mar 05,2012 in Tradition & History

The history of yerba mate in Poland I recently stumbled upon a picture of a Polish guy drinking some Mate. I posted a comment, and this began my informal interview with a Polish Mate drinker by the name of Sebastian. Sebastian: Hi Matt. Thanks for comment about my photo. Sorry for slow response but i […]

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Reflections of Mate

by David Askaripour on Jan 16,2012 in Tradition & History

Mate isn’t a drink… Okay, fine. It’s a liquid that you put in your mouth. But it’s not a drink. In this country [Argentina] nobody drinks mate when they’re thirsty. It’s more of a habit, like itching. Mate is the exact opposite of television: it makes you want to speak with someone, and makes you […]

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