Fresh Look into the Pharmacological and Social Benefits of Yerba Mate

Some of the Main Health Benefits of Yerba Mate Lowers High Blood Pressure Relaxes and Soothes Nervous System Decreases Bad Cholesterol Anti-Inflammatory Anti-mutagenic Antioxidant properties Improves Immune System Combats Colon Cancer Social and Metaphysical Benefits of Yerba Mate Friendship Conductor Relieves Stress Improves Brain Functioning Read More

Yerba Mate is the HEALTHIEST DRINK in the WORLD!

Yerba mate tea has all of the vitamins necessary to sustain life. This isn’t a chemistry lesson, and I’m not someone with a scientific background (bear with me!), but I’m going to do my best to explain several chemicals, compounds, molecules, and vitamins that are Read More

Sex & Mate

I hosted a Mate Circle a couple of months ago when I was still in Abu Dhabi and the topic of sex came up. A few friends and I entered into a deep discussion over feelings, and how male and females differ in their perceptions Read More

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