Hunter’s First 21 Days Starting to Drink Yerba Mate

Hunter's First 21 Days of Starting to Drink Drinking Yerba MateBelow is a true account of a new mate drinker that has been documenting the life-altering results since the past 21 days of first starting to drink yerba mate.

I love the taste of coffee and love a “little” burst of caffeine but find normal coffee way too overpowering for me. I was raised drinking tea and about 3 weeks ago I made a switch to Yerba Mate. I did this because Circle of Drink introduced me to this odd yet powerful herb.

So here’s my report of what’s happened over the last 21 days, since I started drinking organic yerba mate.

  1. My concentration has become laser focused. I can honestly just think and process information better. It’s like my brain got upgraded. My memory has been enhanced as well.
  2. I get a nice but CONTROLLED burst of energy from yerba mate. My mornings are now more efficient and while I’ve only been drinking 16oz in the morning, I haven’t had an issues sleeping at night.
  3. My immune system appears to have been strengthened by yerba mate. This is fall allergy season for me but it seems like since I started drinking mate, that the majority of the symptoms have vanished.
  4. My recovery time after working out has reduced with yerba mate. I don’t feel sore much anymore and I feel like my body has become more efficient, if that makes sense.

Now I don’t claim to be an expert on the subject. Refer to Circle of Drink for that, BUT I’ve seen some pretty big changes happen and I’m very happy about that.