Kraus Orgánica Mate

kraus organica yerba mate

Kraus — 4.10 of 5 palos — reviewed 3/2/2012
Type: Orgánica, Sin Humo (smokeless)
Region: San Ignacio, Misiones, Argentina.


Kraus’ Orgánica is their USDA Organically Certified yerba. That means: it’s as organic as it’s going to get—no chemicals. Eco Teas, an American-based tea and mate company, is the exclusive distributer of Kraus in the States—they are the ones likely responsible for obtaining this USDA Certification for Kraus.

However, the Kraus line of yerbas is relatively difficult to purchase in the States (only sold online) as well as in Argentina, as it’s only sold only sold in health shops. This was the first Kraus yerba that I ever tasted, and I’ve been in love ever since. Seeing that USDA imprint on the bag sealed our marriage at first sight. Having drunk this yerba for a year now, we’re still closer than ever.

This fine tasting mate is smooth and bold, never overbearing. Its non-smoked taste is bright and refreshing with excellent harmonious taste profiles.

Cut 4.5 palos

Beautifully cut. Good blend of palos, polvo, and leaves. High PPL-R. Some splinter palos, but not overbearing. A few monster palos. Clean, bright, smooth colors.

Body/Texture 4.00 palos

Medium body with good structure. Lemony. Mild rubber components. Smooth milk chocolate.

Nose 4.00 palos

Sweet overtones. Clean and refreshing. Simple and subtle.

Finish 4.5 palos

Smooth and harmonious finish without any sharp kicks. Milk chocolate and buttery. A dash of lemon zest. Leaves palate refreshed and clean.

Cycle 3.5 palos

For such a good tasting mate, the cycle is disappointing. After a few cycles, this yerba “green-teas” a bit rapidly, but the taste is still quite pleasant and acceptable. Unlike its stronger older brother, Gaucho, it doesn’t maintain its boldness very long and usually calls it a night earlier; still, it stays up later than the younger brother, Pionero, who goes to sleep around 7pm with his “smooth” blanket.

Overall: 4.10 palos


If any yerba has a chance to be perfect, this one may come the closest. Its short cycle does it some discredit, but overall, I don’t think there’s a yerba out there that does so well across the board. All in all, this may be the best yerba on the planet. This yerba is a mainstay in my cabinet. With Gaucho and the milder Orgánica yerba, Kraus provides, more or less, anything a mate drinker could ever dream of. However, let us not forget the incredible uniqueness of Mate Factor’s (MF) traditional yerba that ‘s also in a class of its own. If you have MF, Kraus Orgánica, Kraus Gaucho, and, let’s thrown in Cruz de Malta and Rosamonte, then your mate library is quite complete, spanning the subtle taste profiles across a wide variety of yerba from Brazil to Argentina.

Here’s an updated review of Kraus Organic.

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