Summer 2019

Introducing a fresh collection of summery and energizing Energy Cups with hues of Coral, Ruby Red, and Burnt Orange. Handcrafted Noble Cups gilded with fine alpaca steel in Burgundy and Rich Charcoal. Redesigned Lemon blend for your cold mates. Jazmin, our debut green tea yerba mate inflected with jasmine-infused leaves. And our shamelessly seductive Crimson Kiss.

Save 20% on the entire collection this summer (while products last) with code ‘summer20’. Includes all products on page.

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  • Crimson Kiss

    Crimson Kiss


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  • Focus Cup Kit

    Focus Cup Kit


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  • Passion Cup Kit

    Passion Cup Kit


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  • Jazmin



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  • Sangria



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  • Lemon



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  • Royal Nectar

    Royal Nectar


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