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Science experiment gone wrong or the smoothest erva out there? Let’s find out! 1kg, 2.2lbs • Vacuum Sealed

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A Beautiful Monstrosity

Have you ever tasted an erva mate clone? Well, let me tell you, it’s a butter-smooth ride and not as scary as you might imagine! Cambona 4 is the first commercially produced bi-clonal erva mate — the progeny a male and female clone of the same plant, producing a soft, smooth and consistent flavor profile. It’s both rich and sweet at once, with delicate layers of milk chocolate, malt and espresso. If you didn’t know any better, you’d think a tad a milk and sugar were added to your gourd, but no!, it’s all natural and pure.

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Tasting Notes

It appears that Cambona 4 is the first hybrid yerba mate produced from two clones of a male and female plant. This resulted in a smoother flavor profile, says Barao (the distributor).

I can tell you that I immediately liked this erva upon first sip…clones and mutations, notwithstanding. The smooth green maltiness is quick to the palate and easily appreciated.

Beautiful sweet notes elevate the already-light green body. But there’s still some kicks in there, albeit soft and gentle ones of buttery-smooth malt and subdued smoky elements…all collaborating peacefully and elegantly.

Admittedly, I was a bit surprised that this was a Barao brand, as I’m not the biggest fan of their water-light ervas without much, if any, body at all. However, this hybrid erva is the most impressive of their collection I’ve tried heretofore, handsdown.

You’d think that sugar was added here, but no! It’s naturally nectarous, making it wonderfully complex and delicate. It reminded me of De Valerios but much less pine elements and a more woody forestry thrust, with the lightest kiss of smoke for a touch of roasted marshmallow and milk chocolate.

This erva is certainly best appreciated when super fresh, so keep refrigerated and finish the kilo within the first 10 days of opening — this rule goes for all ervas, but particularly complex ones like these that are at the top of their game when supergreen and slightly moist to touch.

Could this be the perfect beginner’s erva? Possibly! It’s super easy on the palate and no sharp corners or abrupt stops taken. The ride is smooth and comfortable and the scenery of complex sweetness and mild malt is so darn beautiful.

So soak it all in and enjoy this first progeny of a male and female yerba mate clone.

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