Katana Yerba Mate Bombilla


As slick as a Japanese Katana sword, this alpaca spoon bombilla redefines what is means to drink mate from a gourd.

The perfect length of 7.5 inches with 1 cm width, this razor thin bombilla is the fine cutlery of the yerba mate world. Excellently pairs with glass and calabash gourds. Designed to effortless drink powdery mate cuts, such as Galaxy, but works just as well with any mate. The alpaca silver gives this work of art an elegant and lustrous finish. Katana yerba mate bombilla traditional Spoon yerba mate bombilla Spoon yerba mate bombilla thin yerba mate bombilla

Caring for your Katana

The alpaca coating will naturally dull around the filter as it’s a soft alloy (this is normal), so make sure not to use for scraping yerba from your gourd. Scrub with baking soda and warm water for polishing; use microfiber cloth for extra shine.


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