Kraus Traditional

Pastoral, funky, sophisticated barnyard swagger. Not your average rodeo.


500g NT WT

Rustically Sophisticated

A medley of rustic barnyardy elements gently harmonize with subtle wine-like rhapsodies in a conflation of mate goodness that only the Kraus Farm of Misiones, Argentina, could compose. For three generations, this family has been perfecting their pitch of growing and aging yerba mate with proprietary technology and sky-high standards. Air-dried, smoke-free, and aged up to 9 months in a big old barn, literally!, this organic yerba mate is one-of-a-kind.

Kraus Traditional Organic Yerba Mate

Brewing Instructions

Brew with milder water temperatures in the 145–155ºF (62–69ºC) range to best experience the subtle flavor profiles.

Kraus Yerba Mate Review


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