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A Gingerly Touch

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The Gingerly Gaucho Mate

Malt has always reigned supreme in Gaucho Mates, but here’s a tad of ginger to liven the richness. Lovers of Galaxy who don’t want to go full fledged into our fruity blends will appreciate this gaucho mate that is ever-so-lightly awakened with an exquisite ginger essence, adding a layer of warm refinement and subtle zest all while maintaining that super malt body you’re expecting from a Gaucho Mate.


La Selva Ginger Gaucho Mate - 2.2 LBS

La Selva Ginger Gaucho Mate - 2.2 LBS

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Rich Malt meets Light Ginger

Gentle ginger with a nutty-malty corpus. Supersimple. Easygoing. Consistent, reliable flavor profile. Nothing out-of-the-ordinary, which is what makes this blend appealing.

You’ll get just what you expect: traditional Gaucho flavors with a touch of ginger. Not more. No less. It’s easy to go too far or not far enough with ginger — La Selva finds a nice line of just-enough-spice. Excellent for Gaucho Mate enthusiasts seeking a hint of spice.


Yerba mate (aged 6 months), ginger.


Gaucho mate is quite expansive in the gourd, so we’d recommend a cuai like one of our Sabado Cups and a high filter count bomba such as Monte.

Water Temperature

For a more robust flavor profile, bring temperature up to 175ºF, 79ºC. To express the lighter, floral and ginger elements, try 160ºF, 71ºC range.

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