Lignam Copita

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Sip mate from the hardest wood on Earth, Lignum vitae. Hand-crafted on the island of Jamaica with reclaimed, 100+ year-old wood. Each piece is one-of-a-kind, with unique grains, marks, and patterns.

Perfect Imperfections

Minor cracks, checks, and marks are expected when attempting to shape the hardest wood on Earth. This gives each cup unique character and energy.

Lignam Copita wooden yerba mate cup

Complex and Elegant Grains

Lignam Copita wooden yerba mate cup

Over 100 Years of Growth

Lignam Copita wooden yerba mate cup

Nature's Artwork

Lignam Copita wooden yerba mate cup

Fine Sipping

Lignam Copita wooden yerba mate cup


Height: 4˝ | 10.16 cm

Mouth: 2.5˝ | 6.35 cm

Base: 3˝ | 7.62 cm

Depth: 2.75˝ | 6.98 cm


Dry yerba mate weight (3/4s gourd full): 35g | 8tsp

Liquid volume: 185 ml

Weight: 375g

Size, design, capacity, weight may vary from gourd to gourd.



Massage entire gourd with natural oil (olive, flax, coconut) every few weeks, wipe off excess. This moisturizes the wood, add natural shine, and help prevent cracking.

Rinse gourd with warm water after each day of use and allow to fully dry.


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