Passion Cup Kit

Ruby red and fabulous!

~ Artisan Collection - Handcrafted in Argentina ~ ~ 20% saved ~

Ready, Set, Mate!

Double-wall stainless steel gourd to keep your mate hot or cold. Stainless steel bombilla with bronze accents and removable filter. Your choice of handcrafted gourmet yerba mate, blended just for you.

Passion Cup Yerba Mate Kit by Circle of Drink

Gourmet Mate Selection

Mission: Pure Argentine mate

Ascension: Pure Paraguayan mate

Sangria: Fruity tropical blend

Lady’s Breath: Crisp, refreshing mint blend

Jazmin: Decadent jasmine green tea and mate blend

Princely Peach Rooibos: Complex fruits with calming rooibos blend


Passion Cup Dimensions

  • Capacity: 25g (dry mate with space)
  • Weight: 6.30oz
  • Height: 3.75in | 9.52cm
  • Brim Width: 3.15in | 8cm
  • Colorway: Ruby Red


Perfect Imperfections

As we hand-spray our gourds for coloring and mostly rely on hand-powered tools to shape the gourds, there may be some minor chips in the paint and fine lines within the base of the gourd (inside) — this is a normal result of our handcrafted process. Wash with warm soapy water.


Vorenus Bomilla Dimensions

  • length: 6.10 in | 15.5 cm
  • weight: 24g

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