Quantum Copita Kit

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A multi-dimensional vessel. Light, spacious, and remarkably beautiful, a new age yerba mate kit.

A new age mate kit

Kit includes Helix stainless steel coil bombilla and your choice of organic yerba mate. Quantum Copita Yerba Mate Kit with Helix Bombilla - Fall 2017

Gorgeous grains.

Quantum Copita Cedar Wooden Yerba Mate Cup Flowing blonde patches, swirling copper bands, zipping black streaks, iridescent rivers and tides, concentric orbs oozing in and out of each other, yes, this fall 2017 collection of Quantum Cups is extraordinary. Nature has encapsulated her finest artwork, with complex grain tapestries adorning each handcrafted vessel.

Quantum light vessel.

So light, the Quantum orbits your hand, suspended in air, delivering each sip in surreal fashion. We’ve arrived at a beautiful marriage of space, capacity, and weight, cohesive elements working in unison, a truly unique mate experience.

Crafted with care.

Sustainably harvested with fair trade practices, a handcrafted vessel forged with passion and love, touched by the spirit of art, appreciation for crafts, and always in harmony with Nature herself.

A beacon of satisfaction.

We stand by our vessels and will always gladly replace any gourd that leaks. Some minor cracking around the brim is normal during the first few weeks of use. Apply a thin layer of coconut oil occasionally to maintain pristine condition.


  • Height: 3.5˝ | 8.89cm
  • Capacity (3/4s dry yerba): 4–5 tbsp
  • Base: 2.75–3˝ | 6.98cm
  • Depth: 2.25-2.5˝ | 5.9cm
Quantum Copita Cedar Wooden Yerba Mate Cup