Quantum Original Kit

Handcrafted & varied-grain spanish cedar gourd.

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The Perfect Yerba Mate Kit

Quantum Original Yerba Mate Kit by Circle of Drink - June 2017 *natural grain design and size may vary slightly.

Handcrafted with Coastal Spanish Cedar on the island of Jamaica, the Quantum Original is beautifully shaped for easy handling and comfort. One of the lightest wooden gourds on the market. Perfect for single use and medium-sized mate circles. Kit includes your choice of mate and a Simone (round) Spoon Bombilla.

Product Dimensions

  • height: 5 inches
  • weight: 7–8.5 oz
  • capacity (dry yerba mate with space): 5–6 tbsp (.90 – 1.05 oz)

Caring for your Mate Gourd

Your gourd comes pre-cured and ready to use immediately. Apply thin layer of natural oil (olive, coconut, flax) once every 2–4 weeks to maintain shine and protection (inside and outside of gourd). When not it use, allow gourd to fully dry with no mate inside. If you ever have an issue with your gourd, we’ll gladly replace it.

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