Schneider Relax

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Sweet Smooth Sailing
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Sweet and Chewy Delight

Rich, fruity and sweet, Schneider Relax embodies the wholesomeness of a warm bowl of soup — fulfilling and satisfying. Complex subtle flavor profiles provide great depth for exploration. The blend is fun, playful and just enough sweetness to break the malt. Whoppers chocolate covered malt balls come to mind.

Chamomile, anise seed and star anise add a gorgeous licorice zing with layers of nuttiness and honey toasted bread. Coupled with the malty erva, you’ll experience a remarkably viscous and chewy mouthfeel. Lovers of Liebig, Ginkgo, Yacuy Relax and Yacuy Guarana will appreciate this addition.

Carqueja and lemon balm enhance the blend with muscle relaxing and digestion promoting effects.

Schneider Relax Erva Mate Tea Blend for relaxation and digestion

Schneider Relax Erva Mate Tea Blend for relaxation and digestion

Schneider Relax Erva Mate Tea Blend for relaxation and digestion

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Tasting Notes

Many Brazilians love to add spices and herbs to their ervas to lighten the mood of the naturally bittersweet and earthiness of the mate. Paraguayans aren’t the only ones that pile on the zesty medicinals in their yerba. In fact, if you look at all the mate regions throughout the Southern Cone, you can find blending as an integral part of the mate experience.

Chamomile and star anise are undoubtedly a pair of the most ubiquitous blending herbs in Southern Brazil. We’ve seen the duo appear in Yacuy Relax and now again in Schenider’s Relax blend.

Carqueja is used in the blend, acting as a powerful digestive stimulant and cleanser. Chamomile and lemon balm work together to relax the muscles and soothe the belly. The anise, fennel and star anise add that signature licorice pop.

While Yacuy Relax has explosive and bold flavor profile with heavier licorice notes, Schneider Relax has a more put-together and cleaner persona, with a mild smoke creamy undertone that offers excellent grounding to their florals and licorice elements, creating a beautiful harmony that remains quite simple and understated, a lá Mate Nativo.

Schneider ervas project a rustic and deep country vibe. They certainly aren’t as polished as Mate Nativo. Even as far as typical shelf-lining ervas goes in Southern Brazil, this brand remains relatively hyperlocal and niche — and I love that.

It’s a hidden gem in the erva world just as Andresito is in Misiones, Argentine — you’d have to be to find it.

With strong medicinal properties combined with a beautiful soft malty licorice body combined with a deep rusticity and mild smoke attitude, this erva stands apart from the traditional chimarrãos by a long shot.

Try with water on the cooler side, in the 150ºF, 65ºC range to experience those soft and wholesome florals.

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