Unity Sacred Geometry Cup

**Edition Closed**
Together, we are Stronger.

Limited Collection of 5 Editions

We Stand United

Unity Sacred Geometry Cup - Fall Winter 2019 2020  

Ants. Their unparalleled power of community is marvelous. No single ant works alone. Each a part of a greater Whole to ensure the survival of the Colony. So much we may learn from these ancient creatures. Some ants build, others act as security guards, some carry eggs, and others sacrifice themselves during battles, each playing a vital role for succession of life. They move with a single Mind and thrive as a result. In short, ants perfectly encapsulate Unity.

Limited Collection

Cherish your Unity Sacred Geometry  Cup with a Limited Fall/Winter 2019/2020 Collection. Each edition’s design will never be repeated. Only 5 units per Edition (4 Editions in Collection) will be produced and offered. Returns not accepted, only exchange or credits.


Sacred Geometry Fall / Winter 2019/2020

Limited Edition: Unity
Units in Edition: 5


No curing necessary as the gourd will naturally cure with extended use. Keep in a dry, cool environment when not in use. Natural oxidation and mold may occur during the first several weeks. No worries. Eventually the gourd will normalize with a uniform green color within, as the plant-based squash material finds an equilibrium.


Weight: 53g
Height: 3 in, 7.6 cm
Brim width: 5.7 cm, 2.25 in
Hue: Rojo / Maroon
Capacity at 3/4s: 35g dry weight mate
Material: Gourd is made from local Argentine squash plant. Alpaca silver brim. Handcrafted and fair trade.

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