Yacuy Boldo Mint


Funky and sweet flavors with mint and lemon elements • Enhance digestion • Enjoy Cold or Hot • Air bag • 500g, 1.1lbs

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Funky BitterSweet

There’s a beautiful “funk” to this medicinal blend. Boldo, a Chilean herb known for its digestion-enhancing and anti-inflammatory efficacy, has one of the most intriguing flavor profiles around — minty-lemon bright notes colliding with deep forest and earth robustness for a unique experience. Excellent blend for stomach health and detoxifying.

Yacuy Boldo Mint Yerba Mate - 500g, 1.1lb

Yacuy Boldo Mint Yerba Mate - 500g, 1.1lb

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Boldo, a highly revered herb from Chile, has been traditionally blended with mate for centuries. With digestion-enhancing, liver-protecting, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, boldo keeps the digestive tract healthy while promoting weight loss and fighting infections.

A medicinal blend with a soft bitter and subtle sweet profile, enjoy hot or cold. Hot water beautifully opens the “funky” flavor of boldo, which is satisfying and fulfilling.

Elements of camphor, menthol, florals, forest floor, barnyard, sweet hay, brine, and minerals create an unique experience that has beautiful movement and buoyancy.

It’s both light and dank at once, with mint and lemon notes balanced within a soft earthy body. Excellent complexity and range of flavor.

Drink this blend as-needed.

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