Yacuy Kelly

Giddy Up, Kelly is here!


2.2 LB, 1000G

Saddle Up, Guys and Gals

Traditional erva is usually picked and packed within a day or two, but Kelly is anything but traditional. She was allowed to rest for a generous 6 months, allowing complex sweet hay and polished buttery notes to develop. Time, my friends, was on our side with this stouty, rich and kickin’ blend. The notes are both condensed and flexible at once, creating a beautiful chewy, velvet, leathery texture and mouthfeel. As erva ages, there’s greater structure and more of a bite. Kelly shows her strength as Yacuy’s fiercest erva. Watch out, now.

Yacuy Kelly Erva Mate Kelly Yacuy Erva Mate Kelly Yacuy Erva Mate

The Malty Frontier

Kelly Yacuy Erva Mate

My head is resting on a pillow of sweet hay as I peer through the exposed roof of a weathered barn. Horses feeding in stalls, chickens kicking dust in and out of the door, and a rancher ambles by with his tractor… His eyes hidden with the tip of his cowboy hat. This is the scene I taste with every sip of Kelly.

Barnyard rusticity with piles of sweet golden hay. Dry elements with beautifully complex brown sugar and molasses layers that brighten the stouty malt. Think Del Cebador but with more of a hay factor and less green malt essence.

As Lincoln said “time is a great thickener of things.” With a minimum of 6 months againing, the erva has entered Gaucho Mate territory.

Gaucho Mate is a term I dubbed to delineate the two principal types of erva grown in Brazil. One one hand we have the green erva designated for the local taste of chimarrão and on the other hand, we have Uruguayan yerba mate that’s grown in Brazil but designed specifically for the taste of Uruguay. The latter I refer to as Gaucho Mate.

The spirit of wabi-sabi is felt with Kelly. Rusticity folds into elegance and grace then unfolds back into bold robustness. This dance is anything but square. Impressions of Yacuy’s fruit and florals haunt my cuia with the lightest ethereality, like a dragonfly darting across your periphery: you know it was there, but, still, you never quite saw it.

Lovers of Kraus Organic and Del Cebador may appreciate Kelly, as it shows the best of both worlds: green malt of Brazil and just a touch of sweet sourness with a hint of barnyard funk from Argentina, creating a beautifully crisp infusion only Yacuy could conceive.


Erva mate (aged 6 months minimum)

Water temperature

170ºF, 76ºC

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