Yacuy Red


Deep and complex layers of berries, strawberries and apple for a jammy experience • Enjoy Cold or Hot • Vacuum Sealed • 500g, 1.1lbs • Certified Organic

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It’s Time to Jam!

Navigate cold or hot waters of fruity currents. Apple, blueberry, strawberry, star anise and blackberries amidst a sea palos for an easygoing and fun experience. Jammy elements reminiscent of rosé, red wine, bubblegum and plump raisins. Enjoy cold for a crisp concentration of flavors. Higher temperatures open things up for juicy bold fruit florals with a tad of spice.

Yacuy Red - Terere Yerba Mate Tea with Berries - 500g

Yacuy Red - Terere Yerba Mate Tea with Berries - 500g

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Yacuy Red - Terere Yerba Mate Tea with Berries - 500g

Tasting Notes

You know it’s a tereré blend when there’s a sea of palos. Palos, being the white stems that play a vital role in many yerba mate blends. With tereré, palos are a multipurpose element: they naturally sweeten the blend; they allow for water to easily pass through the leaves and powder, creating a better brewing experience when using cold water; and they are ideal for blends with tart and sour flavors, smoothing sharp flavors usually associated with tereré.

Apple, blueberry, strawberry and blackberry add a tropical flavor with bubblegum and rosé wine elements for a refreshing experience cold, warm or hot. Cold waters offer a clean crispness of concentrated berry flavors. As you experiment with warmer waters, the juiciness is increased with more jammy, red wine, and currant elements.

A complex blend with deep floral layering and green malt that quietly remains in the background, allowing the fruit to shine beautifully. There’s a playfulness going on, with hide-and-seek berries, light mint zest, apple and just the thinnest whisper of ethereal spice.

Such movement and flow keep you guessing and wondering — a hallmark of subtle complexity at its finest.

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