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Life Just Got Toastier

Coffee lovers, black tea enthusiasts, dark chocolate aficionados — all daring souls that crave strength over lightness — Yacuy Toasted Mate is your next drink. Full stop. The roast has arrived and it’s equally pleasing hot or cold.

Brazilian Roasted Yerba Mate Tea

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The Best of All Worlds

Yacuy Toasted Mate is an excellent addition to the marketplace because it exemplifies the convergence of the three worlds: one of black tea; one of coffee; one of mate. You’ll experience the broad spectrum of coffee’s inherent muscular body; the refined elegance of black tea; and, most importantly, the unparalleled energizing mind and body effects of toasted yerba mate, all in one neatly packaged sip.

Brazilian Roasted Yerba Mate Tea

Preparation Notes

Materos, fill your gourd or use as an addition to green Argentine yerba or raw Brazilian Erva for that extra kick. Tereré, or iced tea drinkers, brew 1 heaping teaspoon per 10 oz for up to 10 minutes then pour over ice for a refreshing mate infused cold beverage. Add a slice of lemon or a tad of honey for a touch of sweetness.

As for my beloved hot mate drinkers, brew hot just as described when preparing iced tea, but this time no ice. Add a touch of coconut sugar for sweet complexity or some almond / oat milk for the best mate latte of your life.

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