Quantum Cup Yerba Mate Gourd by Circle of Drink

With our latest Trophy Edition / Fall 2014 release of our Quantum Cup Yerba Mate Gourd, we’ve designed a truly unique drinking experience for you. Each gourd has its own character—none are quite the same. Using the core of Jamaican Spanish Cedar wood, this gourd is not only light and butter-smooth, but designed to last. Used for thousands of years by the ancient Guaraní Tribe of Paraná, the gourd is the most traditional way to enjoy yerba mate tea.

Quantum Cup Comparison

The Quantum Cup is one of lightest mate gourds. Durable, smooth, and designed to last.

Hand selecting the most resilient wood from the Spanish Cedar Tree, we’ve handcrafted a gourd that’s more durable and smoother than previous versions. Instead of creating predictable carbon copies, we allowed each gourd to express unique characteristics with slight variations in width, curvature, and contours. Ensuring that your experience is truly one of a kind (illustrated in video below this page).

Quantum Cup Yerba Mate Gourd - Original

No two are alike.

Wooden Yerba Mate Gourd by Circle of Drink
With swirling light and dark grains, each gourd is a sea of patterns. Enjoy discovering the natural designs your gourd has to offer. If you like to host traditional yerba mate circles, then you may be drawn to the Quantum Chalice, which holds approximately 40–50 grams. The slightly smaller Quantum Original is perfect for personal use, smaller in size and slightly lighter—expect to hold around 30–40 grams of yerba.

The most traditional way to experience yerba mate.

For thousands of years the Guaraní Tribes of South America have been consuming yerba mate for its unparalleled abilities to naturally energize the mind and body. Using a plant-based vessel as the gourd and hollowed twigs as a natural straw/filter, they initiated a time-honored ritual of drinking yerba mate in this fashion. We’re honored to carry on these ancient traditions with our Quantum Cup.

Thank you for being a part of this new era of The Yerba Mate Experience.

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