Calabash Guardian Kit

Guardians of the mate, sip with peace of mind and body. Includes yerba mate and bombilla.
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Calabash Guardian Kit
Calabash Guardian Kit
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Calabash Guardian Kit

Guard your mate experience.

Guardian Traditional Calabash Yerba Mate Kit

Guardian traditional calabash gourd inherits the spirit of the turtle. With the weight of the Earth on its back, the turtle pushes through obstacles and harnesses powers of longevity and protection. Sip in comfort and feel good inside and out, the Guardian has your back!

Many centuries, same calabash gourd.

There’s no better symbol to represent the yerba mate experience than the traditional calabash gourd. From the ancient tribes of Guaraní to the modern-day Matero, the calabash gourd has prevailed. Sustainably handcrafted from an all-natural squash fruit grown in Argentina, our Calabash Original holds a generous serving of your favorite yerba and it just feels so darn good to hold — buttery smooth. Embrace the full yerba mate experience.

Calabash Guardian Traditional Yerba Mate Gourd

Calabash Guardian Traditional Yerba Mate Gourd

A bit of love and care is all that’s needed.

Every craft requires skill, patience, and dedication. Though your Calabash is ready to sip from immediately, allowing the gourd to rest in a dry location each night will aid in the natural curing process, as the gourd slowly smoothens-out and hardens inside. Some natural darkening and minor mold may occur, but this is totally normal and safe. Over time, this will pass and the gourd will be fully cured for a lifetime of joyous sipping.

Calabash Guardian Traditional Yerba Mate Gourd

Special and unique, your gourd is one of a kind.


Weight: 33g | Height: 3.75in (9.5 cm) | Capacity (3/4s full dry yerba): 60–75g. Size, weight, and natural designs may vary, making your gourd truly one of a kind.

Sip for a century.

We hand selected every gourd, paying special attention to thickness, texture, and durability. Though it’s quite rare, if your gourd should ever break we’ll gladly replace it with a new one. Salud to a century of sipping mate from your calabash!

You save 15% with this kit.


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