Lignam Copita

Over 150 year-old reclaimed wood never felt so good. Lignam Copita is compact, simple, and designed for personal mate sipping.
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Lignam Copita
Lignam Copita
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Lignam Copita

The hardest and most beautiful wood on Earth – Lignum Vitae

Lignam Copita Wooden Yerba Mate GourdLignum Vitae, (The Tree of Life), is the hardest wood found on Earth. Its naturally lustrous grain is profoundly complex, replete with beautiful swirling and marbling patterns.

The wood has the ability to self-lubricate and is naturally resistant to water, making it ideal for water and aircrafts, and now a beautifully designed mate gourd.

Jamaicans, referring to the indestructibility of Lignum, call it “The Iron Wood” and believe it has healing energy, both for the body and spirit.

Every gourd is a world in itself

From predominately brown, black, and blonde, to infinite combinations in between, each gourd is stunningly unique. We’ll randomly select your gourd, but will do our best to honor any requests.

We love the perfect imperfections

These handmade gourds are not perfect. And that’s perfectly okay with us. You will find checks, cracks, and small chips in the wood. Each gourd is distressed in some way, a result of the natural sculpting process. If you’re seeking a gourd with no imperfections, please look elsewhere. Every little nick adds to the story of wood.

Care and warranty

These gourds should not be cured – you can start using them right away. Minor hairline cracking, checks, and nicks are normal and refunds will not be granted for such occurrences; it’s simply a part of the wood’s nature. However, if your gourd leaks below the brim, we’ll gladly replace with a new one.













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