Yerba Mate in NYC with new & old friends

The simplicity of the gourd is overwhelming, yet it continues to attract people far and wide. The herb is heard for miles, and strangers transform into friends with each pull of the bombilla. A bond is formed, and a mutual feeling is established that screams Read More

Yerba Mate in 2.5 Minutes

Short on time? Quickly learn what yerba mate tea is all about in less than 3 minutes. Quick (2.5 min) Guide to Yerba Mate Drink on! Read More

Yerba Mate NYC: The Social Catalyst

My friend Milton, and his roommate Casey, both lost their mateginity a few days ago. They described their experience as “enlightening,” and Milton claimed that Mate is a “social catalyst.” Both are very true, and I was happy to hear my friends come to this Read More