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Yerba Mate & Horseback Riding in Tajikistan

Mate, the truly universal drink. I’ve been spreading it to more and more people, and I still can’t get over the feeling of seeing someone take their first sip of the beautiful way of life that Mate is. Yes, way of life, because to just refer to it as a drink doesn’t do it anymore, […]

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Yerba Mate in TAJIKISTAN: Lake Varzab

My friends, my friends, my friends. I am currently on another adventure, and brought Mate along with me. I’m living in Tajikistan for the summer, and made sure to pack a few lbs of Yerba for the ride. Unfortunately, and I had to leave a lot of great Mates back in America. But, I was […]

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Stefan Juan Milton

The true story of how EcoTeas came to be [Interview]

A few weeks after my interview with Steven Karr, from Guayaki, I came in contact with Stefan Schachter, founder of EcoTeas. After speaking with him for only a minute, I realized that Stefan is one of the people who, like Guayaki and other companies, has paved the road for Yerba Mate in the States. And […]

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Who is really behind Guayaki? [Interview]

A few months ago, I got the chance to interview Steven Karr from Guayaki. Steve is an amazing guy, with an amazing vision for Mate, and I couldn’t help becoming more and more excited about the future of Mate in the States as I spoke with him. Throughout this interview, we discuss Guayaki’s humble beginnings, […]

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Urushop: How one shop is spreading Mate in the UK [interview]

I was recently given the opportunity to interview Renzo, co-founder of Urushop, via e-mail. Urushop is an amazing yerba mate and mate accessory store, based in the UK. Read on to find out how it all started, who the people behind the shop are, and where they’re going with it! What inspired you to start […]

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Yerba Mate in 2.5 Minutes

Quick & dirty run down of Yerba Mate in 2.5 minutes. Drink on!    

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An Inside Look at EcoTeas [Interview]

I recently got the chance to interview Dee Fretwell, who is the Vice President of Operations at EcoTeas, located in Ashland, Oregon (which Dee pronounces “organ”). The interview randomly came about from the following sequence of events: Circle of Drink received some Mate from EcoTeas. Upon examining the package of the Mate, I saw that […]

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The Maté Factor: Fresh Green Herb Blend

The Maté Factor: Fresh Green Herb Blend –3.9/5 Gourds (Review on: February 25th, 2012)   Region: Campo Largo, Brazil Description: This is an amazing Mate for those who are just becoming acquainted with the drink, or prefer gentle grassy tones of sweet and slightly sour. It’s most definitely not for those who prefer their Mate […]

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