Brewing Cold Yerba Mate Tea – Comprehensive Guide

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On scorching hot days do you realllyyy want to drink yerba mate? If you asked me that eight or nine years ago, I would’ve said, heck yeahhh! Admittedly, my early mate days were defined by rigid adherence to the traditional Argentine method of preparing mate, which is summed up in a single word: hot!

Summertime Means Cold Yerba Mates

You know, grab the kettle, heat the water to a precise 165–175ºF (never fully boiled, thank you!), then adding the room temperature “dummy water” to temper those gentle herbs, then full on hot mates ready to go. Yes, this is the traditional way. Three season of the year, I’m all about it. But these cold mates have grabbed my heat this sizzling summer, and I’m loving every icy-cold sip of deliciousness.

Here’s How to Cold Brew Yerba Mate

During those periods of hellish heat, cue the ice, cold water, zesty herbs, and your favorite yerba mate — it’s time to make cold yerba mate. Aka “cold brewed yerba mate”, “matefrio”, “tereré” (in Paraguay), “yerba mate iced tea”. Names aside, we’re just talking cold yerba mate. Plain and simple.

Over the years we’ve discussed several ways to prepare cold yerba mate. If you’re interested in those methods, check these pages:

Today, in the video below, you’ll find a comprehensive guide on cold brewing yerba mate tea. I’ve incorporated all previously discussed methods, but thickened the ice with more ideas on which herbs are best for cold yerba mate and shared more refined, step-by-step, instructions.

Warning: this is a long video, so feel free to jump around. I’ve provided timestamp links that’ll get you to the juicy parts of the video.

  • Simple way to make cold yerba mate with a gourd and chilled water [5:53]
  • Using a french press to cold brew yerba mate tea [8:24]
  • Cold brewing mate in glass pitcher for 24 hours [13:16]

A here’s a list of a few yerba mate blends perfect for making cold yerba mate

Princely Peach Rooibos
Throne of Berries
Royal Nectar

    (pure mate – makes a good base or good alone)

Stay cool, Materos.