Cruising Along with Cruz de Malta

Cruz de Malta Yerba Mate - by Circle of Drink
Cruz de Malta — 3.45 of 5 — reviewed 2/17/2012
Type: Traditional
Region: Misiones, Argentina.
Producer: Molinos


When I think Cruz de Malta I’m always reminded of a fresh summer breeze. This traditional, 100% naturally processed mate, free of chemicals and additives, is a staple yerba in Argentina. The bright flavors and smoothness of this mate account for its wide-ranging popularity. It’s simple and tasty.

Cut 4.25 palos

Excellent cut. Bright, clean, well-shaped leaves. Superb PPL-R with nicely sized palos, good polvo content, and a pleasing display of brown, lime green, light green, and tan leaves. A very rustic and weathered looking cut.

Body/Texture 3.50 palos

Mild body. Cruz is a very sneaky mate: it opens up very quietly like a green tea, then unfolds into a true display of boldness and body, while still remaining very light and fluffy on the palate. Oaky notes.

Nose 3.25 palos

Refreshing, bright notes. Clay. Dirt. Earthy. Mild rubber.

Finish 3.50 palos

Simple, elegant finish. You’re almost hoping for more of a kick, but never really get it. Very light and watery finish. This is the weak point of this yerba. Buttery and nutty.

Cycle 2.75 palos

Short cycle. Turns into a green tea like infusion very quickly.

Overall: 3.45 palos


Excellent mate with character. Can’t really go wrong with this yerba and it meets all the requirements of a good mate: fine cut, smooth taste, energizing, and smells good. Though it has a short cycle, you can continue to enjoy the vibrant taste of this mate with more new rounds of yerba: more work, but worth it. I highly recommend all mate drinkers to try “Cruz.”

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