If You Eat Shitty Food, Drink Yerba Mate Tea

Argentine Sweet Dessert

Most people eat like shit! That’s just the simple truth. We live in a nation where cardiovascular disease, cancer, and diabetes account for the top killers. Undoubtedly, the root of these fatal diseases lies in food. What we put in our bodies.

We’ve ignored such a simple biological tenant: if you eat garbage, you feel like garbage; you think like garbage; you smell like garbage; and you invariably feel like garbage. But hey, it tastes good, right?

The most dangerous mindset to have is: “it doesn’t matter what I eat. I’m just going to live my life.” Well, when you’re sick in bed, writhing in pain and regret, I think most of us would’ve wished to have lived better. Ate better. Drunk better. And had more of a positive relationship with our own bodies.

“Discipline weighs an ounce. Regret weighs a ton.” — Jim Rohn

Today, I’m asking that you only practice a little discipline. If you eat unhealthy foods, whether by conscious choice or economic factors, you’ll do your body great justice by drinking yerba mate tea.

The health benefits of yerba mate tea are unprecedented. Each year brings more stunning scientific research showing myriad health applications of this sacred herb, originating from the Guaraní Tribe of the Paraná in Paraguay.

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In the study, Effects of Aqueous Extract of Yerba Mate on the Oxidative Stress in Rats Fed a Cafeteria Diet (International Journal of Natural Sciences Research, 2014), the following conclusions were made after feeding rats a junk food diet in conjunction with yerba mate :

  • Yerba Mate was able to reverse the oxidative stress [accumulation of dangerous molecules in the body that lead to disease] caused by the cafeteria food diet on serum [blood], as well as significantly reduce lipid peroxidation in the liver and brain tissues.
  • Yerba Mate has important effects on the modulation of antioxidant defenses and oxidative stress, possibly being beneficial to health after eating a cafeteria diet [foods high in fat and cholesterol].
  • Rats with yerba mate in their diet consumed less food and had a significant decrease in body weight gain. This suggests that yerba mate increased satiety, increased metabolism, and oxidized fatty acids.
  • Yerba Mate had detoxifying effect on the liver after exposure to free radicals from the junk food diet.

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Here’s a video discussing the benefits of drinking yerba mate tea