How to Roast Yerba Mate at Home

Today we’ll show you how to roast yerba mate at home in your own oven.

Ever try roasted mate? If you haven’t, oh man…, you’re missing out on some real deliciousness. Roasted mate tastes a bit like dark roasted coffee. It’s super rich and bold, with subtle caramel tones. Give it a shot. We used organic mission mate for this video. Our Night Walker blend is our first release of roasted yerba mate.

Step by Step: How to Roast Yerba Mate Tea

What you’ll need:

  • Large baking tray
  • Quarter-pound loose leaf yerba mate
  • Preheated oven: 375ºF
  1. Spread mate evenly across baking tray.
  2. Place on lowest rack.
  3. Stir every 2–3 minutes to roast evenly.

Yerba Mate Roasting Types

  • Light roast: 8 minutes
  • Medium roast: 13–15 minutes
  • Dark roast: 18–20 minutes

*times may vary depending on oven type.

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  • Lucas Holanda

    Hello Dave, would you please tell me the differences of regular yerba mate and roasted one? And if it have a loss in benefits for the body? Thanks a lot

    • Joe Riccardi

      Hey Lucas,

      The difference between the two types of mate are the smokiness of it’s flavor. The roasted mate has a much more smokey aspect then regular mate. There is no loss in the benefits of roasting the mate either. Hope I was able to clear up some discrepancies that you had.


      • Lucas Holanda

        Thanks Joe, this really clears my question about that. Appreciate a lot! Have a nice day matero!

  • Paul

    Followed the directions and roasted my first little batch of cruz de malta today. Has a similar flavor to pero. Thanks guys