Ideas for Blending Yerba Mate Tea

All Kinds of Flavors

Yerba mate is a wonderful experience in and of itself. Adding herbs into the mate can create blends that invigorate your senses and intensify the experience.

Blending herbs and using herbs as tea has been a ritual that’s been around for centuries1. There’s a wide variety of herbs that can be used in tea, many of which have medicinal properties and make great additions to yerba mate.

Take a test drive

For starters, many people begin by adding peppermint to their gourds or french press, creating a soothing and awakening flavor profile. Peppermint works well for tereré as well as hot mate resulting in a refreshing flavor. When sipped hot, you’ll open the pores of the leaves releasing the peppermints oils giving awakening properties.

If you’re looking for less of a punch you can add spearmint which has sweeter and softer overtone. You’ll find that spearmint is a lot less spicy than peppermint. But don’t stop at spearmint, there’s a wide variety of mints you can grow and buy on the market. The options are endless!

Craving some hot chocolate? Look no further. Cacao is a wonderful plant to add to your mate! Try adding it to Canarias yerba mate. Cacao is classified as a superfood and you can blend with cacao nibs or cacao powder. Since cacao is slightly bitter, it’s an acquired taste for many people. But if you give it a chance, over time, you may learn to like it.

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Simple yet complex

Citrus blends are common among many yerba mate drinkers since they add a delicious burst of zest and rejuvenating properties. Citrus is easy to add to your mate, orange and lemon peels are go-to’s. Lemongrass is also an option.

Chamomile, a relaxation herb, is often blended in many teas for its sweet floral flavor. This is a personal favorite of mine. Adding chamomile blossoms is one way to sweeten up your mate and decrease yerba mate’s bitterness. Also try blending chamomile and citrus together, the balance of chamomile balances the zest of the citrus quite well.

Sage is also another unique herb that–when paired with mate–you can’t go wrong. Most people wouldn’t think to add it to their tea but it’s sweet pine-like flavor and aroma makes for a great experience. As with mint, sage has many varieties. I am currently drinking a pineapple sage blend which is sweet and floral. Paired with Canarias’ well rounded smokey body makes for a very delicious gourd.

Last, but surely not least, is rosemary. Rosemary has many cognitive benefits2 and is an excellent herb to pair with your mate. Rosemary is similar to the pine family and has sappy leaves similar to pine trees. It’s strong flavor is delicious when added to your yerba mate hot or cold.

The possibilities are endless

This is just a very small list of the herbs that you can blend with mate. If you have a green thumb, most of the plants listed are easy to grow in containers. Yerba mate is a wonderful plant by itself with many great health benefits. Paired with healing herbs you’ll create an incredible experience. With so many herbs readily available on the market, it’s a no-brainer to experiment and have fin with your mate!

For some inspiration, head over to our Circle of Drink Blends page. You may see something you like to try or get an idea for your next blend. You can also find us on Facebook. So now that you know a little bit more about blending with yerba mate, go out and experience the range of possibilities.

Enjoy, and see you next time. Salud!