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2 Inspiring Yerba Mate Stories

Jun 26, 2013

yerba mate circle in Tandil, Argentina

Two yerba mate stories that show the power of Mate

This week I heard two amazing yerba mate stories from a few Circle of Drink Materos on our forums. I was deeply inspired to hear how Mate is bringing about positive changes and improvements in their lives. Imagine that! An herb that has the power to transform lives; incite feelings of joy and wellbeing; show us an intelligence long forgotten. Mate is the Elixir of the Earth. Please enjoy these two stories below:

Mate makes me Content with EVERYTHING

Really, what I wanted to say was that I notice something about mate that really reminds me of psychedelics. Especially when I drink a whole lot of mate. Not that it makes you trip your damn face off or nothing like that. It’s like when experiencing mushrooms, acid, or DMT, there’s something about mate that gives me a real comforting feeling.

Like I’m really alive! I’m just content with EVERYTHING. Even if it doesn’t exactly sit right with me, I can somehow just accept it. I can accept things about myself and others. I can even love myself! It’s like it gives me hope. It let’s me know everything’s gonna be alright. It helps me figure out what to do and how I should go about doing it.

This may seem crazy to some, but probably would have to me too if I hadn’t experienced it all.

—By Matera Andrea

Mate and Mother

I’ve been staying at my moms for a couple of days now after I broke up with my girlfriend whom I lived with for about 1.5 years. During the afternoons while I’ve been staying here I’ve been making myself a gourd and just been relaxing on the couch. My mom saw me doing this and got a bit interested. I explained to her what it was and how it had affected me the last days, how it gave me clarity in this blurred moment, and I told her about the health benefits and how it made me feel.

I began sharing the gourd with her and she enjoyed the taste. That first afternoon we sat there, shared the gourd and just talked about everything and nothing. She told me she felt harmonic in a way she hadn’t before, and it made me smile just hearing her say those words. Mate has a power. After the second afternoon, sharing a gourd, she said; “I want one of these [gourd and bombilla] so I too can drink it even when you’re not here”. It felt like she was becoming a Matero, slowly but surely.

Yesterday when I came home after a great day with my brother I was going to order some more Yerba because I was running low. I showed her some really nice gourds and bombillas while I was at it and she was hooked. I ended up ordering a whole kit for her and a couple of pounds of mate.

I can’t really grasp what Mate does, but one thing is for sure; Mate changed my life, it gives me clarity of mind and it has brought me closer to my friends and family.

In this breakup with my girlfriend Mate has given me something that I couldn’t find myself right now – comfort, relaxation and a clear mind. Thank you all for your being here and sharing your experiences, it’s really something different.

Big love to all of you.

—By Matero Hampus


  1. jaibilo

    I had a similar experience as Matero Hampus with my own mother.
    When I had ordered my kit, I had it shipped to my parents house. Although I wasn’t sharing mate with my mother, I was talking about it a lot and explaining what it was. She told me how when she was a child they used to drink out of calabash gourds as well in the rice patties. We went on having good conversations for the whole duration of my visit and she went on to explain in detail what was going on with her cancer treatment and progress. She opened up to me and we had a really great connection.

    Just before I had ordered this kit I was drinking yerba mate throughout my whole day, hoping to make it more of a habit than just a novelty for me like it had been in the past. It was when I watched one of Dave Mate’s youtube videos on the power of mate as a social binder that it hit me how beautiful a mate based circle can be. And the power of yerba mate beyond its first layer functioning.

    I think more than ever these days we don’t get a chance to connect with each other on a human to human basis. “Hanging out” seems more and more to mean sitting in the same room but not necessarily being present with each other. We seem to get together to get “fucked up”, watch netflix, or play video games. The whole focal point for hanging out becomes something other then ourselves.

    Whats special about yerba mate is that it gives us the chance to see each other face to face. It allows us the opportunity to be human again amongst a world that constantly tries to delude us into thinking we are empty little sputniks cut off from the rest of humanity.

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